Luxurious Latex…has changed my life!

I have had two major surgeries in my life (other than childbirth), hip surgery to remove a cyst on the neck of the femor which included 3 long titanium screws; and one to remove ovaries which instantly threw me into meno causing night sweats. For those two reasons, I had a lot of difficulty sleeping on my (then) mattress (inner spring with 2″ memory foam. I bought an ‘air’ bed…somewhat better but couldn’t find a ‘number’ that worked for me. Went back to the inner spring and added MORE memory foam with a ‘cooling’ gel, but it still wasn’t helping.

During this same time, I developed neck and upper arm pain so I was experimenting with different pillows: memory foam, neck rolls, lamb wool, and buck wheat hulls. The later two where of some relief but also came with other issues.

So in keeping with natural, I started to research latex mattresses. And boy did I research! I spent hours and days on different sights, reading the comments, reading unbiased resource forums, etc. I also saw reports that back in the 50’s Sears company sold Dunlop latex mattress, and that some 50 some years later, those owners were only now looking to replace those mattress’s. I became quite confident that this was something worth trying, but due to the price point, I didn’t want to be stuck with another pricey mattress if it didn’t work. (More research) I checked my ‘warehouse’ club because they have a no questions asked policy on returns, but the price was pretty steep. (more research) This led me to online purchases. (more research) I found a website which listed online latex mattress companies, their years of business, BBB rating, return policies (if any), etc, etc.

Before I go any further, let me just tell you… this is my personal unbiased, unsolicited, and non-sponsored/paid/commissioned/compensated…review. Continue reading

Feverfew…Migraine, Headache, etc

Feverfew; aka: Tanacetum parthenium, is a beautiful garden herb that is easy to grow. And it looks very similar to Chrysanthemums  and Chamomile with its small white daisy like flowers (it is in the family of Chrysanthemum), but its medicinal properties distinguish it from the common potted plant. The parthenolides (a sesquiterpene lactone of the germacranolide class) which occurs naturally in the plant feverfew:

appears to inhibit the release of the hormone serotonin, which is thought to trigger migraine.

Yes, as the name refers to, it aids in reducing fevers, but Feverfew really shines when dealing with headaches and migraines! And if you have ever had a migraine or know someone who has them, you are probably jumping up and down with excitement at this point.  Continue reading

Salt of the Earth… Bath Salts


When most people think of baths (as opposed to showers), they think of one of two things: a time of relaxation, or a luxury they don’t have time for. But I am suggesting that a bath is actually MORE than relaxation or a ‘luxury’. Let me explain…

Lets start with babies and children. Bath time IS the best way to calm children (mind and body) and prepare them for sleep. And this is also true for adults, however the demands we as adults place on our bodies from work stress, lack of proper diet, and environmental stress can due a ton of damage on the inside and outside. They create congestion in our organs, blood, skin, nerves and muscles thus creating a stew of toxins and wreak havoc in our sleep patterns, which in turn creates more stress and damage to our bodies. What a vicious  circle!

Salt baths are the premier way to remedy most of these factors; and while it may seem like an ‘un-manly’ thing to do, every men would benefit from a salt soak as much as women! Even if you just do a salt foot soak, the benefits are tremendous. It is recommended that 1-2 30 minute salt baths a week will benefit the body on so many levels, and prepare it for the daily grind we so often find ourselves in. This is not a luxury, its a NECESSITY! Continue reading

How’m I Doin’????


On this my 100th post (in almost exactly a year and a half), I thought I would try to motivate you wonderful readers to leave comments. Come on, don’t be shy….It makes my day when I get feedback…REALLY… it does!!! This is not a narcissistic plea for attention, but a concern that I see soooo many readers/visitors/traffic, but very few ‘followers’ or comments. Has anything here made a difference in your life?

I would love to know what you think after reading a post. It’s also MY motivation to run the next 100 miles of posting. Continue reading

VIVA La Violet


Et Voila! This Spring flower post is a salute to the ever-ready wild violet that has generously spread its tiny flowers on 80% of my backyard (and beyond). Nestled mostly in shaded or part sun areas, the lovely shot of purple blue color is a welcome site and assurance of Springs insurgence to winters seemingly never ending temperatures.


But other than their absolute beauty and significance of Spring, there is much more to those small beautiful plants. Continue reading

Bone Appetit – Dog Treats


A dear friend recently posted a video on dangerous ingredients in pet treat, and I was shocked to find that 2 of mine were on the list! or maybe I shouldn’t be shocked at all!

So immediately I shared it for others, and started my search for a really simple fast recipe to make them myself. Fortunately, I found several that were basically the same, all the ingredients were in my kitchen, and only took less than an hour to make and bake.

One of the reason I decided to make them instead of buying something natural, was that I planned to separate the dough in half and add some of the alzheimer herb mix to the dough to simplify the process of giving it to him daily. Continue reading

Aloe-ha DC serum…for skin issues

I posted my Aloe-ha serum quite some time ago and still use it from time to time, but sometimes I don’t eat the right things or get stressed out, which ultimately affects my face in the form of breakouts that just don’t respond to my normal procedure. So it was time to create a more serious version. And I only needed to look as far as my backyard for the answer! Dandelion and Chickweed.

Dandelions are incredibly skin friendly, imparting natural anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and anti-aging properties (wrinkles, age spots and fine lines). They are great acne fighters, and can help lighten scars, and uneven skin tones. They also contain antioxidants that help tighten and tone skin.

Chickweed is another little surprise growing in the backyard. It has the unique ability to cool and heal irritated skin and wounds. It is the perfect plant for more serious skin issues like acne, cysts, eczema, psoriasis. For more detailed plant profile, please read my post on Chickweed.

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