Got Allergies?…silly question, I know…

Okay, I have been putting off this post for like…forever! Not because of any concerns, as what I will share with you will knock your socks off with how incredibly effective it works. No, its more an issue with finding the amount of time I will need to address this wonderful weed. And then there is the whole which time of year do I start… fall harvest time or spring allergies time. I decided Spring will be the best time to introduce you, but if you plan to harvest your own….you will have to wait till Fall.

So for now…. I am just teasing you… and will hopefully have this up for you in the next day or so. So be on the lookout….

Mullein to the rescue – Ear infection oil

No, not the Disney character (Mulan), nor is it the cabaret Moulin Rouge.


Mullein is a plant with beautiful yellow flower on a tall staff that grows wild everywhere.  The leaves are mostly used for upper respiratory problems as in severe cough syrup (here), but the flowers are extremely effective for ear pain (as in inflammation from infection). Add a bit of antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiviral properties of garlic and your on your way to a speedy recovery. Continue reading

Ele Ele(-campane), Yay Yay Yay – Severe Cough Syrup


I’m not too familiar with todays music/artist but sometimes a tune is everywhere and unavoidably stuck in your head. So when I kept hearing this song “Umbrella” by Rihanna, my herb brain would say ‘Ele-campane’ instead! And while I have read about the marvels of this herb, I had not yet taken the time to work with it. But something was drawing me to it, so I finally decided to order it, along with some other herbs I could not get locally (Mullein leaf and flowers). Well within days of its arrival, I received a call from a friend and knew immediately… this was a job for Elecampane Root! Continue reading

No ‘Clay’ing around…Best toothpaste EVA!

I have toyed around with many toothpaste recipes over the years…. Some with Coconut Oil (which led to clogged sinks and oil rings), Clay (which I believe has been the demise of my older fillings), even tried the store bought ‘natural’ (but they all have glycerin in them, which will coat and prevent your teeth from absorbing calcium and minerals), to a really fast recipe of tooth ‘gel’ (wasn’t to bad at all, so I will post that at the bottom of this post), but the best one I found actually formed a ‘paste’ (but no foaming action which I hate anyway).

Being a research-aholic, I knew that if I kept looking, I could find the holy grail. Continue reading

‘Bucha by golly, WOW…Probiotic face wash

Bucha didn’t know that Kombucha was as good for your skin as it is for your digestive system! But let me tell you, the addition of bucha tea and ground scoby to my to already amazing face wash recipe has made a tremendous difference.

Let me first remind you what Kombucha does internally; and if you have never heard of it, your in for a real eye opener.

First of all, Kombucha is a fermented tea that has a living organism called a ‘S.C.O.B.Y.” (Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast). And while it may look like the most disgusting thing in the world, it is crucial in the process of fermentation of the sweet tea. Kombucha has a naturally occurring probiotic effect on the body. I will not go thru the whole process of making kombucha as there are so many websites out there, but here are a few links to help you if you are interested in making it yourself (Kombucha Kamp, Cultures for Health). Continue reading

Wheels for Libby…Degenerative Myelopathy

This post could not only be one of the hardest/emotionally involved, but also chronologically longest to date. In order to document progress, and provide others with valuable resources and advice I received, this journey may be separated into 2 parts: Beginning (Diagnosis) to Mid-stage; Mid-stage to Final journey (decision day).

Before I begin, let me introduce you to our star: Liberty (aka: Libby).


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Baby It’s Cold Outside…Seasonal (hygiene) Changes you should make

Since the weather is changing, this is the perfect time of year to make a couple of big changes in your personal hygiene practices, because… we tend to sweat a lot less.

One of those changes is getting rid of those caustic deodorants & antiperspirants that are leaching aluminum and other chemicals into your body via lymph nodes located directly under your arms (and dangerously near breasts and lungs). This climate change allows us to make the transition to natural and homemade, while allowing your body to detox before ‘The Heat Is On’ again. I made the change roughly 4 yrs ago and guess what…My pits don’t stink! And with 3 versions of application (solid stick, cream and spray) surely one of these will suit your needs, in fact they are all equally as effective on odor as commercial brands of deodorant. Read more here:


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